We released a new app for Jira Server and Data Center

Jul 08 2019

By Mariano Galán


At atSistemas we have worked internally with Atlassian products for quite a while. However, we have really taken off since 2012 when we became Atlassian Partners and started offering services related to the Atlassian tools. Since then we’ve seen the need to personalize Jira workflows. Very often workflows require features that are not native to Jira and as such require the installation of marketplace apps like Script Runner, Misc Workflows or Jira Suite Utilities. These apps add additional conditions, validators and post functions to Jira. Even so, some companies require a very customized workflow and as such need custom made app.

After having deployed hundreds of these custom-made apps, thousands of lines of code and a huge amount of programming hours we have compiled a new marketplace app with our customers’ most demanded validators, conditions and post-functions. Workflow Magic Box stems to help those companies that need to extend their workflow with the most requested features without having to program a thing and on top of this: it’s totally free.


As an example, for the more techies among us: With Workflow Magic Box you can change an issue’s security level based with fixed values or through variable values like the reporter, issue type, component, etc. This can be done with one of the post-functions that this new app includes. This feature is one of the oldest requested by Atlassian users. This request was opened in 2006 and Atlassian, in the issue’s description, has finally decided to not include this in Jira’s native workflow features. Similar to this request, Workflow Magic Box also covers other typical requests as required custom field validators or the possibility to include Jira’s project lead in workflow transition conditions.

Check out all workflow conditions, validators and post functions Workflow Magic Box offers on this page and try it out here. It’s free!

The app is very simple to install  (https://atsistemas.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/WMB/pages/563609638/How+to+install+this+app) and use. And if you need help or require any additional workflow condition, validator or post function that the app does not provide, then don’t hesitate to contact us at support@atsistemas.com and we’re happy to help you.


Let’s talk soon!

Mariano Galán Martín

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