Team'24, Atlassian's Yearly Conference

Team’24, Atlassian’s Yearly Conference

Every year, Atlassian organizes its yearly event at which it presents the latest and greatest in their universe. This year was no exception. Both Atlassian, and several Atlassian Partners, who create the apps you are using to extend the Atlassian eco-system, have presented some features that will raise your eyebrows!

Let’s get started!


What’s new, Atlassian?


Bye, bye Jira Software and Jira Work Management, Hello Jira!

When looking at Jira Software and Jira Work Management as a work tool you could have said that they had a lot of common functionalities. Atlassian also realized this and has merged all these features in a “new” product, simply called Jira, for all teams. Be it IT, HR, Finance, or any kind of other team, they all have the same needs when it comes to handling projects and tasks. This new way of working will be slowly implemented over the course of time.

Furthermore, in Jira you will now have an Incident tab where developers can act on incidents, create Post-Incident Reviews (PIRs). Jira will also suggest work, based on the highest priority tasks, such as failing builds/deployments, PIRs that require action, etc…

With regards to licensing, Atlassian will maintain the current Jira Software and Jira Work Management licenses in place until beginning of 2025. For new teams, they will be using the new Jira cloud licensing plans.


Jira Service Management

Assets is becoming more mature and easier to integrate with various options. These are only a few things that will be coming along soon:

  • Integration of AirTrack, will be known as Data Manager, a tool that helps to better define and clean up data before it’s imported into Assets.
  • Display Assets in Confluence
  • Improved Assets reporting
  • Automations improvements with which you can program automated reactions to security gaps in your infrastructure.



Atlassian also announced some long-awaited features for Confluence. Here are some of them:

Smart Links are links that automatically provide with a description of the URL you’re pasting in the space’s left-menu sidebar. These can be links to other locations within Confluence, or any URL outside of the Atlassian eco-system.

On Whiteboards you have now the ability to vote for the cards that have been added. This gives a sort of poll option to highlight the best ideas.

One of the biggest announcements for Confluence cloud is the improvement of its search. The search engine is now improved with AI capabilities which will better “understand” what you are looking for. Additionally, it will also include search results from other Atlassian products, like Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, Compass, and more.


AI, Meet Rovo

This year everywhere, and at Atlassian is all about Artificial Intelligence. In the last year we’ve already heard about some new AI features in Atlassian products: a Virtual Agent in Jira Service Management, summarize a Confluence page so you quickly get a quick summary, or go through several Jira issue comments and provide you with a brief recap of what’s happened. At Team’24, Atlassian presented Rovo, the all-inclusive AI solution. Atlassian’s goal is that Rovo be one of your teammates in your daily work, like, create automation rules by typing natural language text and AI creates the rule for you. It will not only be helpful in the Atlassian eco-system, but also in other connected tools, like SharePoint, Google Drive, and maybe more. Read more about this in this article.


Forged to improve!

For the developers among us, Atlassian Connect has been the standard way of integrating with Atlassian cloud products. During Team’24, Atlassian has promised to invest more in Forge, the fully functional development platform hosted by Atlassian. The goal is to level Cloud functionalities with those of Data Center so that there is a parity in features and functionalities between both platforms.


Atlassian Goals

Atlassian is committed to provide solutions and visibility of your company’s objectives in all work throughout the Atlassian eco-system. You set your company goals in one location and then they’re available in all other tools, like Jira, Confluence and Jira Product Discovery. Aggregate views and feeds of goal updates are found on your Atlassian Home in the goals tab for easy consumption.



Back in November 2023, Atlassian announced the acquisition of Loom, an asynchronous video messaging tool. During this Team’24 Atlassian wanted us to know that Loom is capable of recording video and package it automagically into sharable content, adding text and summary without further inputs and packaging it in a format that will make all of us look like little Spielberg’s…



From now on, the Atlassian University offers free learning for all people that are interested in learning more and become an Atlassian Expert! Check out the Atlassian University. And if you want, you can always join our Atlassian Community at knowmad mood to help spread the knowledge!


Our Team 24 experience

We were pleasantly surprised by the good vibes at the event and loved all the amazing people that stopped at our booth. From current and future customers, to partners, to startup founders eager to connect (we root for you!) to companies that makes us nerds say ‘WoW’ and we almost forgot we were there for work!

At knowmad mood we’re happy to have sponsored and participated in the event, and we’re looking forward to next year’s event!


Author: Jacques Schoofs, Sr. Atlassian Certified Consultant.