How do we understand DevOps?

  • The implementation of DevOps culture and best practices enables the coordination of the efforts of application developers (Dev) and those responsible for maintaining applications in production (Ops).
  • DevOps improves collaboration between them, facilitating the delivery of high quality software faster and with lower risk.
  • Using DevOps shortens Time-to-Market by 20-30%, reduces infrastructure costs, minimises code failures by 80% and improves customer satisfaction.

The advantages of DevOps Culture & Good Practices in your Company

Speed and flexibility in environment availability

No production testing

Shorter application start-up times

Greater consistency between development and production environments

200 x higher deployment frequency

2500% faster go-to-production after code delivery

Average time to production <1 hour

Recovery time <1 hour

3 times fewer failures due to code changes

22% less troubleshooting time spent

29% faster time to develop new features

Linked to development team management

More time to create, less time to fix

Teams freed from incident resolution

Better coordination in assigning responsibilities

Delivery and scaling oriented to avoid incidents

Late response to business peaks and inability to escalate

Repetition of issues in production

Lack of control over the quality of software from external suppliers

Difficulties with availability and heterogeneity of environments

Our DevOps Value Proposition

Deployment and configuration of PaaS for development and production environments

  • PaaS offers the required architecture and infrastructure in the cloud, including network resources, storage, software management and support.
  • It enables the standardisation of environments and automation of infrastructure deployment, providing agility in its provisioning and eliminating manual operation.
  • Deployment and configuration
    • Ansible
    • Puppet
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Openshift/ Kubernetes

Methodological advice

  • Consultancy service for the implementation of DevOps best practices.
  • Coaching and team building activities to build and train teams.
  • eXpert as a Service, XaaS, to identify the improvements and profiles needed.

Application Performance Management or APM

  • APM solution recommendation and implementation service
  • Application performance and availability monitoring and management
  • Detección y diagnóstico de problemas complejos de rendimiento, para mantener el nivel de servicio

Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • We implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices.
  • We define, implement, deploy and configure Continuous Integration and Delivery environments.
  • We support the implementation of best practices during the development cycle, testing and automated deployment.

  • We provide technical consulting services for containerised deployment.
  • Docker is an Open Source solution that enables lightweight virtualisation, and packaged environments and applications that can be deployed on any system with this technology.
  • Virtual machines need to contain the entire operating system. A container is much lighter.

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