TK Elevator and knowmad mood: Automating the quality control of your products

Getting to know the customer.

Present in Spain since 1984, TK Elevator is one of the leading companies in the world today, with 1,000 branches all over the world and a team of more than 50,000 professionals.

TK Elevator has the capacity to address urban mobility projects throughout their lifecycle, from the installation of new vertical transport equipment to its overhaul, maintenance, and modernization.


knowmad mood and its AI-based solution

TK Elevator requires a quality control system that allows it to anticipate possible risks, being able to reliably detect defects in its products.

At knowmad mood we are the experts at developing solutions based on AI, capable of detecting different elements that may put the final product at risk.

This automated quality control system allows the customer to have a detection, visualization, and result processing service, all in real time.


Benefits that make the solution a success story

  • Increasing the quality of its products
  • Improving the root cause analysis of each incident
  • Improving the productivity and efficiency of your process
  • Cost of Quality (COQ) reduction
  • Time-saving deployment of the solution
  • Decision-making automation