atSistemas becomes the first Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner in Spain and Portugal

In February 2023, atSistemas becomes the first Spanish Atlassian partner, and one of the few worldwide, with the distinction of Cloud specialization thanks to our experience in implementations and migrations to the Atlassian cloud solutions as Agile, ITSM, DevOps y Work Management basadas en herramientas como Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket o Jira Work Management solutions, among others.

This recognition puts us in a priority place as it positions us in the select group of specialised partners that can help their customers accelerate their journey to the cloud.

Thanks to our expertise in selling licenses and deploying cloud services, we have achieved this distinction by being part of the most advanced partner network, accredited to:

  • Manage migration projects, from start to finish, from analysis and planning to implementation and subsequent support.
  • Customised training and support services for internal teams, product integrations, customisations, process automation and security needs.
  • Optimise and resolve customer use cases involving enterprise-wide complexity, quickly resolving unexpected requirements while maintaining the project schedule.
  • Guide, define and execute strategies for additional aspects of the project, including new integrations and custom developments.


Atlassian Cloud Specialization

Our experience as experts

Mariano Galán Martín, Atlassian Business Line Manager at atSistemas, tells us what it means to receive the Atlassian Cloud Specialisation distinction.

What does it mean for atSistemas to achieve this specialisation?

The truth is that we are very happy to get this specialization, now in addition to Atlassian Platinum partners we are Cloud Specialized which accredits us to continue performing with solvent implementations and migrations to the Atlassian Cloud for our customers.  

We are the first Spanish partner to achieve this and one of the few in Europe and the world to do so. This allows us to consolidate our position as number 1 in the ranking of Atlassian partners in Spain and Portugal, and in the top positions in Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as to continue progressing in the United States and Latin America. 

How have we managed to achieve this specialisation?

Well, this is not achieved overnight, it is the result of several years of work in which we have been accompanying our customers in their Journey to Cloud strategy. In fact, more than 50% of our Atlassian customers are already in the cloud and we expect that by the end of this year the figure will rise to 80%. 

Obtaining Cloud specialisation is not easy as you have to meet, on the one hand technical requirements, technical training tests, and on the other hand Cloud subscription sales requirements, a number of migration services executed, demonstrable success cases with customer testimonials, satisfaction surveys…    

This is not only the result of the work of Atlassian consultants and technicians, but in many cases other atSistemas specialists have also been involved, as Cloud migrations and implementations require customised developments, integrations with other systems. Also training, support and change management, in the end this journey to the Cloud usually goes hand in hand with a cultural and organisational transformation in our customers. 

And, of course, other areas of atSistemas have participated, such as account managers, the pre-sales team, delivery, marketing, … in the end Cloud First is something that has permeated our entire organisation and the result is this recognition. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone who is part of atSistemas and we hope to continue providing the best service to our customers. 


Requirements to obtain the certification

To earn the “Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner” designation, certain technical certification requirements must be met, such as having completed advanced level Atlassian Cloud accreditation courses and having demonstrated experience implementing and supporting Atlassian cloud solutions.

In addition, partners must meet certain sales requirements, such as achieving certain sales goals and having a minimum number of active customers. They must also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to training and development of their team to keep their knowledge of Atlassian’s cloud solutions up to date.


The keys to a successful migration to the cloud

At atSistemas, we have produced a whitepaper containing the keys to successful cloud migration.

For this process to be successful, it is essential to be clear that it is a process that involves some complexity and that it is advisable to have the help of specialists to carry it out.

From atSistemas, we have implemented numerous cloud migration. Therefore, we are confident developing and executing strategic migration plans based on the needs and particularities of each organisation.

Do you want to know the keys to a successful migration to the cloud?

Download our whitepaper