Smart Work Management

Smart Work Management: Efficient Work Management for Business Teams

A solution based on Jira Work Managament for efficient work management for business teams, i.e. non-IT teams: Operations, Human Resources, Design, Marketing, Sales or Finance.

Smart Work Management RRSS

Increasing complexity in project management

In recent years, advanced task management has ceased to be the exclusive preserve of IT teams. Other departments in the organisation that traditionally did not have such complex needs have realised the benefits that can be provided by the management, planning and operation of collaborative work management tools for teams, such as those offered by the Atlassian Suite.

Moreover, its application is not done in isolation, but transversally as a way of inter-departmental collaboration.


Jira Work Management, Main Reasons for its Implementation

The main problems that these departments encounter in discovering the need to incorporate a Work Management solution for business teams could be summarised in the following points:


  • Inefficiency of traditional means of managing the work of these teams:
    • Excel
    • Email
    • Dispersed documents
    • Among others
  • Increased complexity and difficulty in coordination and collaboration between teams and roles.
  • Insufficient analysis of the state of processes with traditional tools.
  • Unsuccessful or excessive effort in learning overly complex tools that do not fit the real needs of the teams.


How Atlassian can help

Jira Work Management is essentially just another tool in the Atlassian Suite. The different tools are divided into three blocks:

  • Planification, follow-up and Support:
    • Jira Work Management
    • Jira Software
    • Jira Service Management
    • Opsgenie
    • Statuspage
  • Collaboration:
    • Confluence
    • Trello
    • Integration with Slack and Teams
  • Development:
    • Bitbucket
    • Bamboo
    • Fiseye
    • Crucible
    • Sourcetree


In short, what does Jira Work Management offer?

Jira Work Management adds to these collaborative tools that Jira Core had (dashboards, notifications, collaborative assignment capabilities) a series of improved functionalities: schedule view, calendar view, a list, advanced and simple management of forms that allow non-technical teams to take advantage of all of Jira’s functionalities…

In addition, it incorporates specific templates for each of the teams in a simple way, task groupings with specific flows and customised fields according to the needs of each department.

  • Project and task management tool with specific functionalities for business teams.
  • It replaces what we knew as Jira Core in the suite, expanding its possibilities and capabilities. In addition, it adapts them to the specific needs of each of the organisation’s teams and departments.
  • It contains a collection of templates adapted to processes as diverse as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations and Sales.
  • It incorporates different workflows and types of requests depending on the model chosen.



Business areas that find differential value with Smart Work Management

Jira Work Management is designed to simplify and improve the day-to-day running of the different departments that make up an organisation, regardless of its size or sector.


It makes it easy to plan, create and collaborate across the organisation, while keeping the focus on achieving marketing objectives.


The tool seeks to protect the organisation and maintain compliance through structured workflows with customised permissions.

Human Resources

It provides training for the HR team to manage the full life cycle of employees, from recruitment to exit.


It is software that enables audits to be carried out and financial operations of any size to be managed.


It enables the creation of effective and seamless experiences for both the marketing strategy and the product itself.


Provides structured, customisable and interactive workflows to teams so they can work efficiently at all times.


Enables tracking opportunities, creating a pipeline and facilitating project delivery.


Our Added Value

  • Platinum Solution Partner & Enterprise in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Uruguay.
  • Nº 1 Spain.
  • Specialised profiles with official Atlassian certifications.
  • One of the largest Atlassian teams in Europe.
  • We have an Atlassian Expert Centre, with a large sales team, specialised pre-sales and PMO.
  • We have synergies with other expert centres of the company.
  • We have more than 9 years of experience implementing and maintaining Atlassian solutions in a wide variety of customers and industries.
  • More than 200 customers trust us with Atlassian solutions.
  • We develop complex projects for companies of all sizes.
  • We implement ALM, ITSM, PPM, Work Management, migrations, integrations, custom developments and much more.
  • We maintain direct relationship with Atlassian and other ecosystem partners.
  • We have our own Apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.