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Working with Microservices

Download our infographic where we analyse the advantages of working with microservices connected via APIs 👇


Microservices are a collection of small software applications that connect with each other via APIs. There are many advantages to working with microservices:

  • It is possible to use different programming languages for each one.
  • They are autonomous services, if one stops working it does not affect the rest, and errors are isolated.
  • They are easily scalable as they are small and independent
  • Development teams will be smaller and dedicated.
  • One service can be upgraded without having to re-implement the rest of the application.

Application design originally focused on monolithic architecture. The main problem with this is that it is very complex to solve problems that may arise due to the requirement of adding new functions quickly. The larger the application, the more difficult it is to troubleshoot problems. On the other hand, if applications are designed with microservices, the complexity of troubleshooting is reduced.

We analyse the advantages of working with microservices connected via APIs. Download the following pdf to understand what should an API strategy and governance cover and the advantages of working with microservices. 👇