Atlassian ITSM Specialized

knowmad mood have received the recognition from Atlassian ITSM Specialized

We have obtained Atlassians’ ITSM specialization

knowmad mood has reached a very important milestone with the award of this badge: ITSM Specialized Partner.

Thanks to the work conducted in recent years in ITSM implementations with Jira Service Management and other Atlassian customer tools, Atlassian, a recognized software development company and team and project collaboration has awarded us this important distinction that certifies us as a reference in the implementation of ITSM solutions and processes.


Atlassian ITSM Specialized


What does it mean to be an ITSM Specialized Atlassian Partner?

This recognition represents a key milestone for knowmad mood and strengthens our position as leaders in the field of technology service management.

At knowmad mood, we have been providing comprehensive support solutions for the Atlassian product suite for more than 11 years, designed to help companies maximize their efficiency and productivity.

This specialization guarantees our compliance with the strict requirements and standards established by Atlassian’s specialization programs.

Over the years, our customers have seen their incident, problem, change, and service request management processes optimized. Also, the ITSM platform enables integration with other enterprise systems, facilitating greater collaboration and workflow between different teams.

Our ITSM specialization ensures organizations the confidence of working with a highly trained and certified service provider, with more than 100 professionals serving projects of all types, sectors, and sizes. By choosing knowmad mood as their ITSM partner, companies can rest assured they will receive a successful implementation and high-quality support throughout the process.


Our ITSM solution

Atlassian’s ITSM specialization is based on its successful project management platform, Jira Service Management. This tool provides complete solutions for the implementation and improvement of ITSM, migrations from other manufacturers, and integrations with other systems.

At knowmad mood, we apply our Agile ITSM solution through Atlassian’s prism with an agile and iterative approach prioritizing the coordination between people and teams.

We offer tailor-made Support Plans, because we know the challenges that companies may face based on the sector they belong to. We help in the process of standardization and continuous improvement; we solve specific challenges and we have a comprehensive vision that enables us to provide our customers with the key to solve their challenges from start to finish.

All in all, obtaining the Atlassian ITSM specialization marks an important step for knowmad mood. This distinction, added to our Cloud specialization and our excellence in the execution of services and sale of Atlassian licenses, allows us to consolidate our position as a reference partner of Atlassian in Southern Europe, reaffirming our first position in the ranking of Partners in Spain and Portugal, and to continue to make progress in the rest of the countries where knowmad mood is present.