The science of team efficiency

You may have heard of or even know Atlassian’s most famous solutions like Jira, Confluence or Trello, but these aren’t the only Atlassian tools. Atlassian has a full suite of collaboration tools to cover project planning and tracking, support and remediation, and software development. It also allows you to model processes to manage the work and knowledge of non-IT departments and teams.

However, many people don’t know that Atlassian is a company that has a singular focus on making teams successful. Atlassian’s mission is ‘to help unleash the potential of every team’.

Atlassian has five core values of which ‘Play, as a Team’, is one². Atlassian has spent a lot of time researching what makes teams successful. They have shared their methods, guides and exercises that, as they say, ‘help make work better, and people happier.’

In this article we will reflect on the science behind teams, Atlassian’s ‘Playbooks’ and how atSistemas, our company, can help you. This article also helps you understand what makes teams effective, how to articulate team effectiveness and how to improve it.

You will learn terminology such as team processes (transition, action and interpersonal processes), team cohesion (social and task cohesion), innovation culture and how to develop teams with the help of dynamics and by consciously engaging in certain practices.

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